About Us

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About Us

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The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc.

The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc.(CPGR) is a nonprofit agency founded on the belief that everyone should enjoy the same health, economic, and social opportunities no matter who they are or where they live. Born from the merger of the Lewis Street Center, Genesee Settlement House and Eastside Community Center; The Community Place serves residents of Northeast Rochester. We deliver a wide range of social, developmental, and educational programs delivered through our facilities in the northeast sector of the city of Rochester (NY) and throughout the greater Rochester area. We are a leading neighborhood-based community center, providing a foundation for growth, empowerment and stability for those we serve. The Community Place is proud to continue the legacy built by its former organizations and continue the settlement house movement in Rochester. We invite you to learn more about the programs and services we provide to the people of Rochester—from children and teenagers to families and seniors to individuals with developmentally disabilities.
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Our Mission 

To provide neighborhood-based programs, services, and resources which strengthen the Greater Rochester community, one person, one family at a time.



In 2001, The Community Place was formed from the merger of three settlement houses with long traditions of service to the Rochester community: Eastside Community Center; Genesee Settlement House; and Lewis Street Center. The roots of these agencies stretch back over 100 years- the predecessor of Lewis Street Center, the Association for Practical Housekeeping, was formed in 1907. Settlement houses have long been a neighborhood solution to neighborhood problems. We have educated and cared for those in need and applied innovative thinking to sometime s difficult tasks. Throughout the years the neighborhood and the population has changed but we have remained and so has our mission: strengthening our community, one person, one family at a time.

Corporate Compliance

It has been and continues to be the policy of The Community Place to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and payer requirements. It is also The Community Place’s policy to adhere to the Code of Ethics that is adopted by the Board of Directors, the President and CEO and the Compliance Committee.

We have always been and remain committed to our responsibility to conduct our business affairs with integrity based on sound ethical and moral standards. We will hold our employees, volunteers, contracted practitioners, and vendors to these same standards.

Corporate Compliance Plan is available for download below in PDF format.

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The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc. operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, or national origin, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights act of 1964.
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The Community Place of Greater Rochester is affiliated with Charles Settlement House. Both organizations are settlement houses with over 100 years of service in Rochester and the same philosophy and model of service. Community Place primarily serves northeast Rochester and Charles Settlement House primarily serves the northwest quadrant of our city. Collaboration and shared services began in 2018 and this formal affiliation began in October 2021. The two organizations have separate 501(c)3 non-profit status and separate budgets. However, there is a common board of directors, shared administration, and some shared staff. This affiliation provides operational efficiencies and opportunities for program and service expansion across our service areas.