Prevention Services

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Prevention Services

Certified by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports, the mission of the prevention program is to: reduce the prevalence, delay the initiation, and prevent the escalation, of substance use/abuse and problem gambling amongst adolescents in Monroe County. Our mission is carried out by a team of professionals who utilize culturally competent evidence-based programming and practices to promote activities that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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Our range of services include:

Drug prevention and problem gambling information- Interactive and informative presentations designed for a variety of audiences.

Psycho-educational groups- Evidence-based programming designed to help youth develop self-control and communication skills, acquire resources that help them resist substance use, improve decision making and problem solving strategies, and develop the motivation to not use drugs.

Counseling – Assessments are conducted for youth who may be at-risk of using.  Counseling focuses on education and skill-building in areas such as, goal-setting, effective communication, conflict resolution, coping; peer pressure, building support systems, etc.

Brief intervention- For youth ages 12 to 20 who display early stages of alcohol or drug use problem, but do not demonstrate substance dependence. Integrating stages of change theory, motivational enhancement, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, adolescents reduce and ultimately eliminate their alcohol and other drugs use. This brief intervention can be administered from two to six sessions and can be conducted on-site or off-site.

For adolescents who require a higher level of care, referral and support services are provided. The prevention program also has bi-lingual counselors available.

The prevention program is located at 145 Parsells Ave. 
Program hours are Monday- Friday 8:30-4:30pm

If you wish to schedule an appointment or presentation, please call 585-288-0021 to speak to one of our counselors, or contact:

Manager of  Prevention

Rachel Mahar
585.288.0021 x214